imageI’ve been banging on about having a tummy tuck for ages, it was always one of those things I would have done ‘if I came into some money’. I made no secret about it, at some point it was going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not using it as a short cut. Since having kids I have put in the hours and years training and getting fit. I’m currently a 2nd Brown Belt at Karate and I have my Black Belt exam for Kickboxing next year, so I’m no stranger to sweat! I also teach Karate to kids and adults Kickboxing 4 times a week. I just started getting demoralized with putting in the effort and seeing no results from my stomach in return.

The weight came off yes, but I was left with an empty ‘Kangaroo pouch’  stomach covered in stretch marks, and no one wants to see that in the mirror. Have you seen all these posts on Facebook about ‘I’ve earned my stripes,’ and ‘I’m proud of my stretch marks’?  I can’t help but laugh when i see them, if you could have the children without wrecking your body, would you stand up and say “Oh no, hold on a minute, could you make my stomach look like dough please?!” I’m sorry, but bollocks. Yeah, I said it. What a load of rubbish.

I’m writing this Blog to share my experience with cosmetic surgery, not just the results (which I hope are amazing!) but the whole ‘journey’ (God I hate that phrase!) I’ll talk about the consultations, the reaction of my friends the hospital, and of course the pain! But before you judge me for going through with this procedure, just think of this: If you could change something about yourself that’s makes you terribly unhappy, wouldn’t YOU do something about it……..?

Please feel free to comment below, but if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all….

R. x

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. 2 days 😀….. Isn’t it good to hear someone actually say the truth about their body after having kids….. Can’t wait to see the result xxx


  2. Wow! I completely understand where you are coming from! My tummy is shot to pieces, covered in stretch marks and makes me very unhappy too (especially when people have asked me if Im pregnant! ) its very upsetting when you lose weight and nothing shifts your tummy. Hope everything goes well, Im so jealous! Xx

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